It's Called The Blues

Call the cops, report a theft, this poor guy's got just one thing left to lose
Its called the blues
See him with his puzzled frown, like old Columbo shuffling round for clues
It's called the blues
Never knew what hit him when she hung him out to dry
Stole his heart and left him thinking should he live or die
Survival means deciding that you'd rather laugh than cry
But which to choose
It's called the blues

Love's a perfect tragedy, the inevitability's no news
It's called the blues
From Venus, Mars or inbetween, all lovers with a human gene get bruised
It's called the blues
Experience should tell you that you always have to pay
Like an unexploded bomb it's best to stay away
So why does it come pre-programmed into our DNA

To light the fuse
It's called the blues

In the spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love
Blinds him to the iron fist hidden in that velvet glove

Now lovers make the world go round, down lonely roads they pound to pay their dues
It's called the blues
Like lab rats on an endless wheel till they no longer feel their worn out shoes
It's called the blues
When you're tired of running you decide to settle down
Plan the perfect wedding, man you really go to town
Next thing that you know, there's lawyers' letters flying round
Brother, you're screwed
It's called the blues
It's waiting when you're born and when you're six feet underground it just renews
It's called the blues

All lyrics © Richard Knott