The Question

There's seven billion on the planet 
The number's growing all the time 
Even as another couple million kick the bucket 
There's twice as many getting born and falling into line 
The price of real estate is rising 
A little space is hard to find 
There's no solution 
To noise pollution 
And all those ringtones drive me out of my mind 
Talk is cheap and getting cheaper by the day 
But no one talking at me seems to have a thing to say 
Their mouths keep moving, it's a never ending drone 
Why do I feel so alone? 

My popularity's increasing 
Least if my junk mail's any guide 
Yes it seems I may already be a lucky winner 
The pretty girls are waiting, they'll be pouting at my side 
I'm targeted for market research 
My demographic's on the nail 
For making whoopee 
This focus groupie 
Will tell them what they want to hear, the cheque is in the mail 
They love my feedback, they hang on every word 
That I'm the most important person to them is inferred 
They're chasing me by email, SMS and phone 
Why do I feel so alone? 

I crank my filters to eliminate the spam 
But all those Russian models, they still know who I am 
My browsing history's like my footprint in the sand 
The world walks with me, it wants to hold my hand 

I'm getting invitations daily 
Please be our social network friend 
Tell us what you're doing and we want the smallest detail 
Add us to your profile, we'll be buddies till the end 
Such brotherhood is there between us 
Like Robin and his merry men 
No mafiosi 
Could be so cosy 
And when they tuck you in at night you're never seen again 
I pass through airports, my cellphone starts to buzz 
It's welcome to our country, please enjoy your stay with us 
They're tracking my movements, my life is not my own 
Why do I feel so alone? 

I call the bank, they need my mother's maiden name 
My user ID, password and my PIN code so they claim 
They treat me like a number just to prove that I exist 
My heart and soul, at the bottom of their list 

Well thanks for listening to my story 
Maybe for some it struck a chord 
Or maybe you've been thinking that my grass is so much greener 
To get some time alone for you would be a big reward 
Well I'm not looking for your pity 
I know I'm here through my own choice 
A little croaky 
For karaoke  
Sometimes out of key but always singing in my own voice 
We're just insects on this anthill, so it seems 
But all God's creatures can have their hopes and dreams 
So I'm going to ask The Question, until the answer's known 
Why do I feel so alone? 
Sing it if you want to, you won't be on your own 
Why do I feel so alone?

All lyrics © Richard Knott